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Postnatal Growth and Development of the Rumen: Integrating Physiological and Molecular Insights
Pokhrel, B., Jiang, H. Biology 2024
Determining muscle plasticity and meat quality development of low-input extended fed market-ready steers Wicks, J.C., Wivell, A.L., Beline, M., Zumbaugh, M.D., Bodmer, J.S., Yen, C.N.,  Johnson-Schuster, C., Wilson, T.B., Greiner, S.P., Johnson, S.E., Shi, T.H.,  Silva, S.L., Gerrard, D.E. Translational Animal Science 2024-05
Pharmacological validation of an attention bias test for conventional broiler chickens de Silva, M.I.L., Ulans, A., Jacobs, Leonie
PLoS ONE 2024-04
Differences in colostrum components of Katahdin ewes varies with post-weaning FEC EBV Bentley, K.L., Wright, D.L., Greiner, S.P., Bowdridge, S.A. Small Ruminant Research 2024-04
Valine and nonessential amino acids affect bidirectional transport rates of leucine and isoleucine in bovine mammary epithelial cells Hruby Weston, A., Teixeira, I.A.M.A., Yoder, P.S., Pilonero, T., Hanigan, M.D. Journal of Dairy Science 2024-04
Early intestinal development of chickens divergently selected for high or low 8-wk body weight and a commercial broiler Kinstler, S.R., Cloft, S.E., Siegel, P.B., ...Maurer, J.J., Wong, E.A. Poultry Science 2024-04
Effects of rumen-encapsulated methionine and lysine supplementation and low dietary protein on nitrogen efficiency and lactation performance of dairy cows Seleem, M.S., Wu, Z.H., Xing, C.Q., ...Hanigan, M.D., Bu, D.P. Journal of Dairy Science 2024-04
Plasma γ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Concentrations in Lactating Holstein Cows during Thermoneutral and Heat Stress Conditions and Their Relationships with Circulating Glucose, Insulin and Progesterone Levels Arneson, A.G., Stewart, J.W., Byrd, M.H., Perry, G.A., Rhoads, M.L. Veterinary Sciences 2024-03
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Intramuscular Fat Development and Growth in Cattle Tan, Z., Jiang, H. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2024-03
Intramammary lipopolysaccharide challenge in early versus mid-lactation dairy cattle: immune, production, and metabolic responses Opgenorth, J., Abeyta M.A., Goetz; B.M., Rodriguez-Jimenez, S., Freestone, A.D., Rhoads, R.P., McMillan, R.P., McGill, J.L., Baumgard, L.H. 
Journal of Dairy Science 2024-03
Ruminal pH sensing for monitoring volatile fatty acid concentrations in response to short-term dietary disruption Amirault, K., Wright, R., Sujani, S., ...Fernandes, T., White, R.R. JDS Communications 2024-03
Implementing Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination Programs in Beef Herds Mercadante, V.R.G., Lamb, G.C.
Veterinary Clinics of North America - Food Animal Practice 2024-03
Adverse Metabolic Phenotypes in Parenterally Fed Neonatal Pigs Do Not Persist into Adolescence Elefson, S.K., Stoll, B., Davis, T.A., Fiorotto, M.L., El-Kadi, Samer W, Genovese, K., Thymann, T., Sangild, P.T., Burrin, D.G. Journal of Nutrition 2024-02
Relationships Between Gastrointestinal Permeability, Heat Stress, And Milk Production in Lactating Dairy Cows Ellett, M.D., Rhoads, R.P., Hanigan, M.D., Corl, B.A., Perez-Hernandez, G., Parsons, C.L.M., Baumgard, L.H., Daniels, K.M. Journal of Dairy Science 2024-02
Genetic impact of external Targhee sires at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station: a case study of introgression Wilson, C.S., Bret Taylor, J., Lewis, R.M., Notter, D.R. Translational Animal Science 2024
An Advanced Healthcare Sensing Platform for Direct Detection of Viral Proteins in Seconds at Femtomolar Concentrations via Aerosol Jet 3D-Printed Nano and Biomaterials Ali, M.A., Zhang, G.F., Hu, C., ...Gao, S.-J., Panat, R. Advanced Materials Interfaces 2024
Review of sheep breeding and genetic research in Türkiye Aydin, K.B., Bi, Y., Brito, L.F., Ulutaş, Z., Morota, G. Frontiers in Genetics 2024
Influences of Supplementing Selective Members of the Interleukin-6 Cytokine Family on Bovine Oocyte Competency

McKinley, E., Speckhart, S.L., Keane, J.A., ...Biase, F.H., Ealy, A.D.

Animals 2024-01
Milk production and anatomical udder capacity changes of udder halves subjected to increased milking frequency at two stages of lactation Perez-Hernandez, G., Hanling, H.H., Schramm, H.H., Lengi, A.J., Corl, B.A. Journal of Dairy Science 2023-12
Depth video data-enabled predictions of longitudinal dairy cow body weight using thresholding and Mask R-CNN algorithms Bi, Y., Campos, L.M., Wang, J., ...Hanigan, M.D., Morota, G. Smart Agricultural Technology
Effects of a single supplemental dose of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in 2 different fixed-time artificial insemination synchronization protocols among beef cows and heifers Rich, J.J.J., Northrop-Albrecht, E.J., Epperson, K.M., ...Mercadante, V.R.G., Perry, G.A. Applied Animal Science 2023-12
Post-weaning fecal egg count estimated breeding value is associated with greater antibody production after clostridial vaccination in Katahdin lambs Elefson, S.K., Stoll, B., Davis, T.A., ...Sangild, P.T., Burrin, D.G. Small Ruminant Research 2023-12
Application of a mathematical framework for the optimization of precision-fed dairy cattle diets Campos, L.M., Ringer, H., Chung, M., Hanigan, M.D. Animal 2023-12
Internet of Things-Enabled Food and Plant Sensors to Empower Sustainability Ataei Kachouei, M., Kaushik, A., Ali, M.A. Advanced Intelligent Systems 2023-12
Muscle of dark and normal beef differs metabolically Kirkpatrick, L.T., Gómez, J.F.M., Beline, M., ...King, D.A., Gerrard, D.E. Meat Science 2023-12
Effects of dietary starch and ruminally undegraded protein on glucogenic precursors in lactating dairy cows Hruby Weston, A., Li, M.M., Huang, X., ...Budde, A., Hanigan, M.D. Animal 2023-12
Social-pair judgment bias testing in slow-growing broiler chickens raised in low- or high-complexity environments Lourenço-Silva, M.I., Ulans, A., Campbell, A.M., Almeida Paz, I.C.L., Jacobs, L. Scientific Reports