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    This talented, dedicated, diverse group of researchers, professors, and extension professionals enjoy national and international acclaim. They are the reason the School of Animal Sciences ranks 4th in the nation for research grants.

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    Dedicated and professional, this group keeps the School of Animal Sciences running smoothly—from the farms, laboratories, offices and projects to the students and animals.

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    Graduate Students

    These young people are training to become the leaders and problem-solvers of the future. They are studying in and contributing to the fields of reproductive physiology; breeding, genomics and modeling; growth and development; neurophysiology and behavior; nutritional biochemistry/metabolism; and immunology and health.

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    Post Docs, Visiting Scholars and Student Interns

    Temporary Hokies, this group contributes their skills and expertise to individual projects, collaborates with other lab members, and shares their findings with the broader research community through publications to help advance knowledge in their fields and make meaningful contributions to scientific research.

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    Faculty Emeriti

    The Professors Emeriti who laid the foundations of the departments from which the School of Animal Sciences was born. Several continue working and consulting with us and are regulars in the building.

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    Graduates from the former Virginia Tech Animal Science, Dairy Science, and Poultry Science departments, as well as those from the new School of Animal Sciences. Maintain connections with SAS, CALS, VT, and fellow grads!