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360 Duck Pond Drive
Food Science & Technology Building, Room 107
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Hours of operation:

Wednesday: 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Friday: 1:00 - 5:30 PM

The Virginia Tech Meat Center strives to support the School of Animal Sciences, the University, and the Commonwealth of Virginia by facilitating teaching, research, and extension. Through practical hands-on instruction, service learning, continuous research and outreach events, the Virginia Tech Meat Center promotes a safe and educational environment for all. 

While the VT Meat Center is a hub for teaching and research, it also operates as a fully functional, state inspected processing plant, offering a unique educational experience to student employees who participate in animal processing, fabrication, sanitation, and retail sales. Due to the nature of this program, we are able to produce high quality meat.  

In an effort to serve our overall mission and act as a better steward of resources, the VT Meat Center offers meat retail sales to the public. 

Visit us at the Meat Center on Wednesdays 1:00-4:00 PM and Fridays 1:00-5:30 PM.

Follow us on Facebook for information on closings and product availability. Or contact us at or (540) 231 -3318.

Retail Cut Price/Unit
Beef Brisket $4.97 /lb
Boneless Chuck Roast $6.00 /lb
Tenderloin Roast $19.99 /lb
Bottom Round Rump Roast $6.00 /lb
London Broil Roast $7.99 /lb
Boneless Shoulder Arm Roast $6.00 /lb
Standing Rib Roast $10.89 /lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $4.69 /lb
Boneless Strip Loin Roast $8.17 /lb
Picanha - Sirloin Cap $10.02 /lb
Beef Eye of Round Roast $6.23 /lb
Steak and Ribs
NY Strip Loin Steak $20.14 /lb
Ribeye Steak $21.29 /lb
Sirloin Steak $8.72 /lb
Flank Steak $9.62 /lb
Skirt Steak $10.31 /lb
Sirloin Tip Steak $7.02 /lb
T-Bone Steak $8.43 /lb
Porterhouse Steak $8.43 /lb
Filet Steak $24.94 /lb
Tender Tails $24.94 /lb
Hanger Steaks $6.99 /lb
Beef Back Ribs $5.29 /lb
Short Ribs $7.80 /lb
Top Round Steak $5.99 /lb
Eye of Round Steaks $4.15 /lb
Bottom Round Steak $4.99 /lb
Value Added
Flat Iron Steak $9.80 /lb
Chuck Eye Steak $6.30 /lb
Denver Cut Steak $5.99 /lb
Tri-Tip Roast $8.27 /lb
Porterhouse Tail $8.12 /lb
Ranch Steak $6.80 /lb
Cube Steak $6.99 /lb
Ground Beef $5.03 /lb
Beef Hamburger Patties $6.30 /lb
2 Pack Beef Patties $6.30 /lb
Beef Sliders $6.30 /lb
Stew Beef $5.99 /lb
Beef Bacon Patties $6.99 /lb
Beef Bacon Sliders $6.99 /lb
2 Pack Beef Bacon Patties $6.99 /lb
Grass Fed Ground Beef $8.99 /lb
Grass Fed Ground Beef Patties $9.29 /lb
2 Pack Grass Fed Ground Beef Patties $9.29 /lb
Grass Fed Ground Beef Sliders $9.99 /lb
Soup Bones $2.50 /lb
Beef Kabob Meat $7.93 /lb
Korean Style
Beef Cheek Meat $2.84 /lb
Dog Bones $3.31 /lb
Sliced Liver $1.99 /lb
Oxtail $6.99 /lb
Beef Tongue $6.31 /lb
Heart $2.47 /lb
Sweetbreads $3.50 /lb
Kidneys $2.20 /lb
Andouille Smoked Sausage $6.13 /lb
Beef Bacon $5.62 /lb
Snack Sticks $10.00 /lb
Summer Sausage $6.35 /lb
Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage $7.35 /lb
BBQ Cheese Summer Sausage $7.35 /lb
Beef Kielbasa $4.35 /lb
Retail Cut Price/Unit
Pork Tenderloin $5.99 /lb
Boneless Sirloin Roast $2.47 /lb
Boneless Loin Roast $2.53 /lb
Picnic Shoulder $1.41 /lb
Boston Butt Roast $2.99 /lb
Sweet Italian Pork Bratwurst 4.25/lb /lb
Chops and Ribs
Boneless Top Loin Chop $5.99 /lb
Boneless Top Loin Chop - Thick Cut $5.99 /lb
Boneless Top Loin Chop - Thin Cut $5.99 /lb
Country Style Spare Ribs $3.99 /lb
Baby Back Ribs $5.03 /lb
BBQ Seasoned Back Ribs $5.49 /lb
Spareribs $3.99 /lb
BBQ Seasoned Spareribs $5.49 /lb
Bone-in Assorted Pork Chops $2.41 /lb
Butterfly Chops $3.15 /lb
Ground Pork $2.75 /lb
Pork Sausage $3.75 /lb
Pork Sausage Patties Country Blend $3.95 /lb
Chorizo Sausage $3.75 /lb
Italian Sausage $3.75 /lb
Pork Sausage Breakfast Patties $3.95 /lb
Country Blend Pork Sausage $3.75 /lb
Bratwurst $4.99 /lb
Italian Sausage Links $4.17 /lb
Maple Flavored Pork Sausage Breakfast Links $7.99 /lb
Pork Burger Patties $2.89 /lb
Pork Burger Sliders $3.10 /lb
Pork Belly - Skin Off $3.50 /lb
Pork Belly - Skin On $3.25 /lb
Pork Sausage Breakfast Links $3.99 /lb
Korean Style
Pork Heart $2.87 /lb
Pork Kidney $2.87 /lb
Pork Liver $1.99 /lb
Pulled Pork BBQ $5.99 /lb
Fall Harvest Pork Sausage Breakfast Links $5.65 /lb
Hickory Smoked Brown Sugar Maple Ham $4.79 /lb
Hickory Smoked Bacon $5.62 /lb
Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon $5.49 /lb
Hickory Smoked Cinnamon Sugar Bacon $5.65 /lb
Hickory Smoked Bacon Ends $3.17 /lb
Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon Ends $2.99 /lb
Retail Cut Price/Unit
Tied Boneless Shoulder $6.23 /lb
French Rib Rack Roast $14.99 /lb
Tied Boneless Leg Roast $6.79 /lb
Lamb Rib Rack $10.68 /lb
Chops and Ribs
Lamb Riblets $3.99 /lb
Loin Chop $9.87 /lb
French Rib Chop $10.99 /lb
Shanks $4.89 /lb
Lamb Rib Chop $8.89 /lb
Stew Lamb $5.99 /lb
Ground Lamb $5.99 /lb
Variety Meats
Lamb Heart $6.99 /lb
Lamb Kidney $6.99 /lb
Lamb Liver $1.99 /lb

Visit us at the Meat Center, located in Room 104 of the Food Science Building at the corner of Washington Street and Duck Pond Drive. Our hours are Wednesdays 1:00-4:00 PM and Fridays 1:00-5:30 PM.

Please use the entrance on Washington Street.

All of our products and processes are inspected by the State of Virginia, Meat Inspection Division, and held to the same standards just like any other commercial facility. Our number one goal is to maintain the highest level of safety and sanitation. We understand that some people may not like the fact that we are a research facility, however, our animals get a much higher quality of care because of this. In fact, we feel our animals taste even better.

The Meat Center offers a wide variety of products, but we are most known for our specialty products like our sausages and bacons. We use only the highest quality meats harvested from animals raised at our research and production farms.

Yes! We do offer "freezer" meat (Beef sides, whole and half pork carcasses, and whole lambs). These choices are available on the order form, but please check availability by email first.


Yes! We supply many products such as fresh hams, pork loins, beef rounds, and ground beef to the Virginia Tech Dining Services. Students requested locally raised meat, and the Meat Center was the perfect place to start a partnership. Look for table cards at the dining halls celebrating the partnership.

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