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The Virginia Tech Equine Extension efforts are primarily executed from the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension (MARE) Center. The MARE Center has a number of projects, programs, and regular events to connect equine land managers and horse owners with the latest science-based information promoting equine and environmental wellbeing.

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Looking for the Youth 4-H Horse Program?

The emphasis of Virginia's 4-H Horse and Pony program is project based learning about equine selection, nutrition, management, riding, recreation, fun, competition, horsemanship, and sportsmanship. Horseback riding provides an outdoor sports fitness program for physical, personal, and emotional development, including confidence building. The sport can develop into a life-long hobby or career. Projects are available for youth owning or having access to horses, and also for youth not having access to horses (horseless horse projects).


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Equine Extension & MARE Center Contacts

In addition to managing the MARE Center, Tait Golightly’s work aims to increase health awareness for horse owners by harnessing technological advancements for equine purposes—along with other livestock.

Robin White leads the equine nutrition program including research and teaching focused on designing better diets for horses through their stages.

Sally Johnson leads the equine exercise program, including research and teaching focused on understanding mechanisms mediating muscle and tendon repair.

Katherine Carter is the interim coordinator for the Youth 4-H Horse Program.

Erica Feuerbacher leads the behavior program emcompassing the research, extension, and education efforts focused on modifying and understanding motivations behind horse behavior.