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  • Oct 04 108 Human & Ag Bio Science 1 Defense Seminar Kayla Farrell, Ph.D. Candidate. Dissertation title: Sex-differences in proteasome-independent roles of the ubiquitin proteasome system in memory formation.
  • Oct 06 Zoom Only (EST) The Reproductive Biology Club Presents: Work in Progress: Fontes Lab, University of Georgia
  • Oct 20 Zoom Only (EST) Preliminary Exam Seminar Mitigation of Reactive Oxygen Species in IVP Bovine Oocytes and Embryos through Antioxidant Supplementation by Jessica Keane, Ph.D. Candidate | Advisor: Dr. Alan Ealy
  • Oct 27 Zoom Only (EST) The Reproductive Biology Club Presents: Work in Progress: McLean Lab, University of Tennessee
  • Nov 03 Zoom Only (EST) The Reproductive Biology Club Presents: Effects of modified live virus vaccines on AI pregnancy rates, Stewart Lab, Virginia Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQs.  If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact the School of Animal Sciences Graduate Program Coordinator or visit the Graduate School website.

It is not uncommon for a student to change the type of degree they are working toward.  If you are a MS student who wishes to continue in the APSC Graduate Program as a PHD student, complete a Change of Degree Status form.  If you wish to change from a MS-thesis to a MS-non thesis, complete the appropriate form.

No.  You need to complete the Change of Degree Status form, collect the necessary signatures and remit to the Graduate School. 

The APSC Graduate Program has a small number of requirements which allows you to tailor the degree to meet your career objectives. The required courses are listed on the appropriate Plan of Study found in the forms section.  In brief, all students must take APSC 5014 Professional Development, GRAD 5004 GTA Workshop, GRAD 5214, Diversity for a Global Society or ALS 5024 Building Multicultural Competence in Ag and Life Sciences, and serve as a TA for one semester annually. Additional requirements include CITI Training and mandatory departmental workshops as they arise.

Both MS thesis and non-thesis students are required to have a minimum of 3 committee members.  A PhD student needs a minimum of 4 members.  The APSC Graduate Program strongly encourages PhD students to include a member from outside the department.  All committee members must have a PhD, DVM or MD. To include an external member from outside the VT community, complete a request for service form for the individual, attach a biosketch and remit to the APSC Graduate Coordinator.   

If you plan to graduate or take your prelim exam, you must enroll for 3 credits.  If your plans are to pursue research, you are not required to register for credits.

All exams are scheduled through the Graduate School which can be accessed by Hokie Spa.  Remember that you MUST schedule a minimum of 2-wks prior to taking the exam. Do not take an exam without Grad School Approval!

School of Animal Sciences Common Graduate Forms

The list below contains a few of commonly used forms for graduate students.  If the form you need is not here, please visit the VT Graduate School or contact the Graduate Coordinator.

Common SAS Graduate Courses

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