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Name Area Title Location / Duties Email Phone Office
Bayse, Grace Farm Dairy Technician Dairy Complex kgrace4    
Bishop, Lisa Administrative Research Administrative Coordinator Fiscal - Banner, DEPART, Research Funds Support bishoplh 4854 2490
Bishop, Steve Farm Equipment Repair Supervisor Moore Farm srbishop 5777  
Blankenship, Matthew Meat Center Assistant Manager Meat Center matthewb 3318 107 FST
Blevins, Nicholas Farm Agricultural Specialist III Moore Farm nicholasb 5777  
Brannock, Shane Farm Dairy Farm Superintendent Dairy Complex - Director brannock 6855  
Brokken, Morgan Administrative Program Support Coordinator Academic Programs - Undergraduate mbrokken 6936 3400
Chavis, Christy Off-Campus Administrative Specialist AREC- Tidewater ppamdw14 757-807-6535  
Coceano, Christoper Farm Agricultural Technician   Turkey Center cchri93    
Coffey, Laura Technical Extension Technical Associate Forage Testing Program, Websites, Extension (Petersson-Wolfe) laura.coffey 6870 2060
Collins, Jeff Off-Campus Agricultural Specialist Middleburg AREC jeffcollins
Dickerson, Henry Farm Agricultural Manager I Beef / Col. Farm - Whitethorn hdickers 6280  
Duncan, Jane Technical Laboratory Specialist Medler Lab aduncan 5122
Duncan, Kathy Administrative Student Engagement Coordinator Academic Programs - Undergraduate kathytd 4769 3697
Eller, Camielle Farm Dairy Technician Dairy Complex cxmielleller    
Fugate, Dean Farm Agricultural Specialist III Moore Farm cufugate 5777  
Golightly, Tait Off-Campus Superintendent MARE Center Middleburg AREC tgolight 540-687-3521  
Gilliam, Alexandra C. Administrative Office & Human Relations Assistant Wage payroll
galexandra22   3460
Hare, Rodney Farm Agricultural Technician B Turkey Center mhare 6280  
Honaker, Christa Technical Laboratory Specialist Poultry Genetics (Siegel) chonaker 9189 2630
Johnson, Lee Technical Laboratory Specialist - Advanced   gljohn    
Joines, Chad Farm Agricultural Supervisor Beef cjoines 6280  
Keffer, Andrew Farm Maternity Youngstock Manager Dairy Complex aekeffer 3138  
Kirby, Amanda Off-Campus Secretary AREC - Shenandoah (Steeles Tavern) akirby07 540-377-2255  
Lengi, Andrea Technical Laboratory Specialist Nutrition Physiology (Corl) alengi 6794 2510
Klonicke, Zachary Farm   Dairy Complex zklonicke9    
Linker, Dave Farm Agricultural Programs Coordinator Plantation Road dlinker 540-230-4106 103 ELC
Malcolm, Brandon Farm Agricultural Specialist - Cropping Moore Farm brandon87 5777  
McCormick, Lisa Technical Coordinator Beef Cattle Center of Excellence 2792 3270
Medley, Jennifer Administrative Fiscal Associate Fiscal - Banner, DEPART, Research Funds Support jmwebb 2648 3360
Michael, Becky Administrative Administrative Assistant Human Resources (Faculty) and Administrative Support rlmichael 6311 2470
Neary, Jessica Farm Manager Swine Center jessicaneary    
Parsons, Cathy Technical Metabolic Research Laboratory Facility Manager & Laboratory Specialist Animal Systems Biology (Daniels); cparsons 5718 2720
Pent, Gabriel Off-Campus Superindentdent & Ruminant Systems Specialist AREC -Shenandoah (Steeles Tavern) gpent 540-377-2255  
Pilonero, Tara Technical Laboratory Specialist Dairy Nutrition (Hanigan) tpiloner 7612 3690
Poteat, Erin Farm Agricultural Specialist Supervisor Sheep Unit Manager elpoteat 6988  
Prevexa, Natalie Technical   Jarome Lab      
Quesenberry, Orie Farm Agricultural Supervisor Dairy Complex oquesenb 6838
Simpkins, Sasha Administrative Graduate Program Coordinator Academic Programs - Graduate Office sashas5 4731 3050
Sisson, Adam Farm Dairy Technician Dairy Complex stevenas22 540-520-9019  
Stegar, Clint Farm Agricultural Manager   Moore Farm jasteger 5777  
Stolarz, Mead Farm   Alphin-Stuart        
Thomas, John Farm Agricultural Technician B Poultry   githomas 5810  
Williams, Jessie Administrative Fiscal Technician Fiscal - Hokiemart, P Card, VTF, Fleet Services Operations Support jessie.williams 6312 3360
Williams, Kimberly Off-Campus Agricultural Supervisor AREC - Tidewater (Swine Unit) kimw8590 757-657-6717  
Williams, Pat Technical Litton Reaves Farm Animal Facility Manager & Laboratory Specialist Farm Animal Research (Gerrard) patwill 8512 110
Wright, Lee Off-Campus Superintendent & Senior Research Associate AREC  - Southwest (Glade Spring) lrite 276-944-2200  
Xu, Jun Technical Laboratory Technician Genomics (Smith) xuj 2508 2660
Zimmerman, Clayborne Farm Dairy Herdsman Dairy Complex clayz91 3138