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Suffolk Sires

Suffolk sire Kimm 21018.
Suffolk sire Kimm 21018.
Suffolk sire Kimm 16061.
Suffolk sire Kimm 16061.
Suffolk sire Seasons Bounty 1022.
Suffolk sire Seasons Bounty 1022.

Mint Gold Ranch 3007
We were happy to acquire this ram from Joe Emenheiser and John Scott after having the chance to sample him for the 2015 lamb crop. His pedigree is stacked with muscle, and he has established himself as a NSIP trait leader for loin muscle depth. He is moderate framed, correct, and very stout.

Mint Gold Ranch 8336
We had the opportunity to lease this ram, and similar to 3007, is bred for muscle. He traces to a foundation Kimm-bred ewe on the bottom side of his pedigree.

Kimm 15198-16061
Purchased through the 2016 Kimm Production sale, this ram is sired by MacCauley 3191 and out of a Kimm 14015 daughter. Daughters of this ram continue to do an excellent job for us. His progeny are very complete, muscular, and correct.

Seasons Bounty 0030
We acquired this ram through Radell Schrock’s sale in 2020. He is sired by “Hickory” Kimm 16035, which was a very popular ram in the 2016 Kimm production sale which we really liked.

Seasons Bounty 1022
This ram excelled in the 2021 Virginia Ram Test, and was our selection of the Suffolk rams that year. He is Kimm bred on both sides, and sired by “Timberline” Kimm 19033 which has done an excellent job at Seasons Bounty.

Kimm 15198-21018
21028 was our pick in the 2021 Kimm Production sale. He is a result of breeding “Trucker” Kimm 18069 back to his mother. His lambs carry the design and muscle of the Trucker line.