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Interested in sending your horse to Virginia Tech?

VT logo clipped into the coat  of Murphy at Virginia Tech.
When the students get a little creative with body clipping. Photo credit: Natalie Duncan.

The equine programs at Virginia Tech rely solely on the generous donations from alumni and equine industry professionals. Many horses come to our program that are just ready for a new adventure. Maybe your horse is not where they used to be in the competitive show world, or maybe you've landed a new job and your companion can't accompany you to your new destination. Whatever the circumstances, we are happy to discuss your horses' future in our program. Care of donated horses is top priority for the VT Equine programs. Contact us today about donating your horse to our program. 

The donation process: 

  • Horses are brought in on a trial to ensure that the donation is the right fit for both the horse and the VT programs
  • Riding horses undergo a pre-purchase or soundness exam covered by our department
  • Broodmares undergo a breeding soundness exam covered by our department
  • Horses donated for over $5,000 must undergo an appraisal
  • An IRS Form 8283 will be issued for horses donated

For more information or if you are interested in donating your horse, contact: