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Spring 2024 Calendar 3697 Litton-Reaves Hall.

Important Dates for Students

Smiling students in the SAS Student Resource Center.
Smiling students in the SAS Student Resource Center.

Quick Tips and Tricks
Support, Help and Tutoring

The School of Animal Sciences  Student Resource Center-3697 LITRV

We have a space for YOU- please stop by and check it out! Tutoring times are posted weekly. We are open to use as a study space, have free printing (for your homework), and we have a microwave for off-campus students to use. 

Need help in a non-SAS course? Check out the options below and in the additional tabs on this page.

If you can't find what you need, contact us and we'll help you find it.  

Student Success Center Start this semester strong with the free help of the Student Success Center! They are  here to support all students who want to do their best work and make the most of their classes. They offer individual and drop-in tutoring - Tutoring | The Student Success Center | Virginia Tech (  

Starting in January 2023, all in-person services will be located at 220 Gilbert Street Blacksburg, Virginia.

VT Math Department
Free Math Tutoring through VT Math Department:

Tutoring lab available to students in most 1000 and 2000-level mathematics courses. The tutoring lab is staffed by graduate and undergraduate students.

Fall 2023, beginning on Monday, August 23rd through Thursday December 7th, the sessions will be held face-to-face at the following times and place: Monday through Thursday, from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm in McBryde 136.
*** If you would like to send a request for a private tutor to the entire list of available math tutors, please send an email to with your contact information and request. Make sure to indicate the course in the subject line of your email. Interested tutors will respond directly to you. Private tutors will charge you a per session fee. ***

Math Empo Hints
Success at the Math Empo (advice from a Hokie who worked as a tutor there)
. But, first, don't panic, most students actually do well in empo classes. However, there is some specific advice for how not to fall behind.

  1. Treat it as if it's a regular class - Force yourself to go at a regular time once or twice a week. Put it on your schedule, and hold yourself to it.
  2.  Check the class schedule for what sections will be covered in the text.
  3. Read the text and work through the examples to get a basic understanding of the material.
  4. Attempt practice problems. This is typically where a student will realize areas where they still lack understanding/
  5. Get help from the tutorial staff on problems. The tutors really know how to get you through each problem, they are there to help, and want you to succeed.
  6. Get help from the course instructor in areas where you still need help.
  7. Take the quiz built entirely of the questions from the practice problem system. Getting Help | Math Emporium | Virginia Tech (
  8. If you think you need more help and want to get a private tutor, ask early in the semester, don't wait until you're so far behind that you can't catch up. (There's a tutor list at the math department.)

Go to their website for additional hints  and help session hours  Getting Help | Math Emporium | Virginia Tech (

Free Chemistry Tutoring: Alpha Chi Sigma provides free tutoring  services in the Davidson Hall third floor lounge from 6:00pm to 8:00pm every  Tuesday and Thursday. Most students come in  requesting help for general and organic chemistry classes, but there are  usually brothers available who can help you with many other classes.  Stop by the CLC in Davidson Hall - we're always looking for people to  help out! Learn more...

STAT Lab takes place in evenings of Sunday-Thursday.   Exact times and locations will change semester to semester depending on availability of STAT Lab tutors.   Current times and locations are stated here:

STAT Lab Schedule (By Person)
STAT Lab Schedule (By Day)
STAT Lab Schedule (By Course)

Online Writing Center Services  
Through our individual writing consultations and multilingual services, we offer undergraduate and graduate students a range of resources for developing their communication skills.  All of our services are free. There are several types of writing sessions available, as well as English conversation support. You can see all the schedules and make an appointment here:

The CommLab is located on the second floor of Newman Library in room 2032 and 2034. To get to 2034 from the main entrance to Newman, go straight past the elevators and turn left. Walk straight and look for a door on your left, just past the Data Visualization Studio.  CommLab extends the classroom experience and provides support for class assignments and special projects. Graduate and undergraduate students trained in public speaking and group work are available to help students with all areas of the speech making process. We also have videotaping capabilities. Students who wish to be videotaped should state that when making an appointment.

CommLab is open from 12pm-6pm on Monday – Thursday  Appointments are strongly suggested.

Campus Resources

Gilbert Place.

Student Success Center architectural rendering.
Gilbert Place.

Student Success Center

220 Gilbert Street

Offers tutoring, academic coaching, workshops on topics related to academic skills and behaviors, and college success strategies courses


 Career and Professional Development

870 Washington Street SW

Assists students across all majors through the career and professional development journey

Writing Center

Writing Center

Second Floor, Newman Library

Aims to support all writers within the community and promote writing and literacy

Gilbert Place architectural rendering.
Gilbert Place.

 Cook Counseling Center      

220 Gilbert Street, Suite 2400

Provides opportunities for students to learn more about themselves as individuals, form deeper relationships with their peers and grow to benefit our community and society at large. The Cook Counseling Center staff provides these learning opportunities through individual and group  counseling, psychiatric care and psychotherapy and educational programming


Schiffert Health Services

McComas Hall, 895 Washington Street SW

The on-campus health center that promotes current and future well-being of student-patients

New Hall West.

Dean of Students

109 New Hall West

Supports and cares for students in the midst of personal/family emergencies and serves as student advocates

Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities

Lavery Hall, Suite 310, 430 Old Turner Street

SSD endeavors to create a campus climate in which students with disabilities experience full access and inclusion in curricular and co-curricular opportunities in the academic community

Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid

200 Student Services Building, 800 Washington Street

Facilitates access to a Virginia Tech education through the timely and accurate administration of student financial assistance.

University Honors

Honors College

137 Hillcrest Hall, 385 West Campus Drive

The mission of the Honors College is to inspire and facilitate an extraordinary education for students of exceptional motivation and ability who seek to be active learners and who will apply their knowledge and skills to critical real-world problems


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Academic Programs Office

1060 Litton Reaves Hall, 175 West Campus Drive

Assists CALS students with various requests and inquiries; maintains and processes student paperwork and records


School of Animal Sciences Academic Advising Office

3400 Litton Reaves Hall, 175 West Campus Drive

The central academic advising office for School of Animal Sciences students.  Assists students with many advising and academic requests


Student Media and Collaboration Space

175 West Campus Drive, Room 1370 Litton-Reaves Hall

Open computer lab available to students.