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The School of Animal Sciences provides students with a strong foundation in biological sciences coupled with practical hands-on application in a transdisciplinary environment.  Experiential learning in and out of the classroom along with science-based coursework prepares our graduates for diverse career paths.

Two Majors...


B.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences

The Animal and Poultry Sciences curriculum allows students to tailor their education to their academic and career goals. Students can create their unique path based on their area of interest.

Areas of interest:

Prepares students for post-graduate education such as veterinary, medical, pharmacy, and other professional schools.

Designed for students whose interests include nutrition, physiology, genetics, behavior, biotechnology, food safety.

For students interested in careers in production management, extension, agricultural education, agribusiness, feed and pharmaceutical sales.

Students in this area may be interested in animal behavior and welfare in one or more species, including dogs, cats, horses, livestock, poultry, and laboratory animals (i.e., mice and rats). Such interests may lead students to careers in animal sheltering, zoos and sanctuaries, animal husbandry, animal welfare organizations, production animal welfare, behavior consulting, animal training, and animal welfare audit, assessment, and certification programs as well as service, assistance, and working dog organizations.


Within each option students select an emphasis or species specialization:

Happy yellow lab.

Companion / Lab Animal

Zion, AQHA gelding with maroon halter in front of a wooden fence. Blue skies and green grass.


Pigs standing on green grass.


White chickens with red combs on green grass.


B.S. in Dairy Science

The Dairy Science curriculum offers options to give students maximum flexibility while ensuring they are prepared for whatever career they choose to pursue.

Three options:

Gain knowledge and training in dairy farm business management to optimize dairy cattle performance and well-being, utilize electronic data, manage farm finances and land resources and implement environmental planning.

Prepare for advanced training for careers in animal research or veterinary medicine to improve animal and human nutrition, genetics, and biosecurity.

Combine your interest in dairy science with another companion major that allows you to diversify and gain additional knowledge in such areas as agribusiness, agricultural education, communications, and livestock management.


Accelerated Programs


  • Students are accepted to Virginia Tech into the dairy program, then apply to the 3+1 program as freshmen.
  • A 3.5 GPA is required for a guaranteed interview at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Application to VMCVM required fall of the third year.
  • First year classes at VMCVM can count toward credit hours needed to complete the BS in Dairy Science, though most students graduate in three years.
Complete details coming soon.


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Three minors...


Animal and Poultry Sciences (APSC)


Dairy Science (DASC)


Animal and Poultry Sciences Equine (APEQ)



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