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Study Abroad

As a SAS student, you are encouraged to go beyond the boundaries of campus and explore educational opportunities abroad. Study Abroad is an opportunity to enhance and broaden your academic and professional experience, which could be life changing.

The Global Education Office (GEO) reports the top ten reasons why to study abroad:

  1. Experience the world
  2. Gain a new perspective
  3. Go beyond the classroom
  4. Excitement and adventure
  5. Learn a different language
  6. Grow and learn more about yourself
  7. Expand your network globally
  8. Gain a competitive advantage
  9. Set yourself apart
  10. If not now, when?

There are several ways that you can study abroad, including:

  • Faculty Led Programs
  • Semester Abroad and Exchange Programs
  • Independent Study Abroad
  • Internships and Work Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad, below are some helpful resources:


Dr. Wood is the study abroad advisor for SAS and is a great resource. If you have any questions, email

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