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Capstone Experience participant, Mikaela Coffey, discussing her project at the Capstone Symposium. Fall 2022.
Capstone Experience participant, Mikaela Coffey, discussing her project at the Capstone Symposium. Fall 2022.

The Capstone Experience is an experiential learning experience that students tailor to their specific  interests and career goals. Upon completion of 75 credits students are eligible to pursue a capstone experience and will need to submit a proposal for committee review and approval. The capstone proposal and guideline forms can be found here.

Proposal Requirements & Instructions:   

  • Students must have completed 75 credits prior to beginning their capstone experience.
  • Proposals are due according to the deadlines on the proposal form. 
  • Completed capstone proposals are uploaded by the student to the Capstone Submission Canvas site. (
  • Instructions for completing the Capstone Proposals are on the Canvas site.  
  • The capstone proposal form is also available on the Canvas site.
  • If you are not on the Canvas site, please email to be added.


If you have any questions, please email We are here for you! 

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2 Madison Cantrell Valley Animal Clinic Internship
3 Edythe Carr Virginia Tech Swine Center Internship
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5 Mikaela Coffey The Social Behaviors of the Cincinnati Zoo Bonobos
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7 Maggie Daly Internship at George Washington’s Mount Vernon
8 Meghan Dillon Animal Shelter Fundraising Implementation Plan
9 Krista Duncan Using IL6 as a Survival Factor for Bovine Embryos
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11 Emma Gerry Characterizing Developmental Brush Border Enzyme Activity Changes in Early Life Pigs
12 Sadie Grant Chronic stress in fast- and slow-growing broilers chickens raised in simple and complex environments
13 Sarah Harvey FFA Advisor and Agriculture Teacher Assistant for Nelson County Middle School
14 Alexis Henn Summer Internship at Brandermill Animal Hospital
15 Natasha Iannuzzi American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (ASPCA) Congressional Toolkit
16 Elizabeth Ide Summer 2022 Wildlife Rehabilitation Externship
17 Gunnar Jessee 2022 JBS Summer Internship
18 Kelsey Kline Animal Welfare Information Center Internship at NAL
19 Elissa Kulp Sutton Animal Hospital Summer Internship
20 Payal Kumar Informing Pet Owners of Holistic Treatments Through Instagram
21 Sydney Lallier Exotic Animal Veterinary Internship
22 Josie Lilienthal Wolf Trap Animal Rescue Internship
23 Yssabelle Marrero Introduction to the German Sport Horse Industry
24 Bethany McDonald Senior Health in Companion Animals
25 McKinley Mullins The Importance of Biomechanics of the Equine in a Hunter Over Fences Class
26 Breanna Murray APSC 4954
27 Kristin Omans Impact of genetic strain and environmental complexity on broiler chicken behavior
28 Myasia Pareno Developmental Regulation of Protein Degradation In The Brains
29 Madeline Parr Primer Design and Efficiency for Various Equine Tissues
30 Jane Perkins Should we Feed Round Bales to the Teaching Horses?
31 Lauren Rasnick Animal Care Intern at Creation Kingdom Zoo
32 Kayleigh Rodriquez Veterinary Assistant at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital
33 Alexis Ryan Fragrant Mountain Farm
34 Haley Schwarz Cryptosporidiosis: Prevention Methods in Dairy Cattle
35 Charleez Simcik Spectral & Motion Sensing For Behavioral Discrimination In Grazing Animals
36 Connor Smith Understanding Hydrotherapy to Affirm Practices
37 Elanagh Smith Examination of the Morphology and Locomotion of an Extinct Triassic-Era Frog
38 Andrew Tuck Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Summer Internship
39 Suzanne Tunder Veterinary Internship with Paragon Equine Veterinary Services
40 Lindsay White Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine
41 Bethany Wilbun Going Digital at Appomattox Animal Hospital
42 Devin Wynne Equine Good Citizen Test
43 Kierstyn Zimmerman Radford Animal Shelter Renovation
Presenter Poster Title
1 Celine Adams Mitigating Animal Stress at West End Animal Clinic
2 Regan Baldyga Communication in the Care of Companion Animals
3 Matt Beach Emergency Veterinary and Specialty Services Client Feedback Survey
4 Olivia Brown Biofilm CFU Reduction by LB Concentrations in vitro
5 Justin Burgess All Dogs Deserve a Second Chance at Happiness
6 Mia Carfi Validation of an Attention Bias Test for Broiler Chickens
7 Mackenzie Cather Increasing Competition of Heartworm and Flea and Tick Preventatives
8 Marc Chavez The Jaguar Project
9 Aniyah Cooke Impact of Temperature on Proportion of Juvenile Salamanders
10 Christian Cowden Chenault Veterinary Hospital Assistant Staff Development
11 Jason Flores Study Abroad: Examining Game Farms, Small / Big Scale Farms, and Wildlife Conservation in South Africa and the United States
12 David Gigliotti Applied Financial Analysis within Veterinary Medicine
13 M. Hall In vitro Fermentation Profiles to Characterize Postbiotic effects on Dairy Cow Rumen Fermentation
14 Isabel Hasson Size Does Not Matter: The Relationship between Bovine Ovary Mass and Cumulus Oocyte Complex (COC) Yield
15 Bridget Heggie
Undergraduate Research: Studying In-Situ Ruminal Fiber Digestibility in Dairy Cows
16 Kelby Henriquez French drain installation for improved facility safety
17 Julia Holsten Impact of Antibody Supplementation on Immune Function in Jersey Heifer Calves
18 Coraleigh Hulse Behind the Scenes: Animal Shelter Addition ft. Pups
19 Hanna Lagura Microglia Activation in Response to Glioma Cells in Pediatric and Adult Host Environment
20 Olivia McNeil Feeding Better Foods
21 Emily Meluch Effect of In Ovo Feeding of Probiotics on Intestinal Cell Populations in Chickens
22 Ava Moslow The Effect of Feeding Frequency on Blood Cortisol Concentrations in
23 Myasia Pareno Developmental Regulation of Protein Degradation In The Brains
24 Katie Perry Approved Veterinary Assistant
25 Natalie Russell Improving the Determination of Fiber Digestion Kinetics In Situ
26 Ariana Salcedo Educating Clients on Veterinary Acupuncture
27 Ellie Schraft Working Dogs: Scent Detection
28 Thomas Schudlich Evaluation of Survival in Dogs Affected by Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease
29 Anthony Shafron Role of Lipid Supplementation on Neonatal Growth in Pigs
30 Fiona Smith Bimetallic Complexes for Small Molecule Activation
31 Jazlyn Turner Study Abroad: Examining the Conservation Parks and Trophy Hunting in South Africa and the United States
32 Meagan Turner Assessment of the Effectiveness of Oocyte Extraction Techniques
33 Samantha Vitek Perching Behavior of Fast- and Slow-Growing Broilers
34 Mariah Walton Closing the Gap on Client Knowledge in Southwest Virginia — Client Education Initiative
35 Bailey Watson Improving Robustness and Climatic Resilience in US Sheep Populations through Genomics
36 Valerie Weberg Impact of Kennel Portal Space and Gentle Petting on Urine Output in Shelter Cats
37 Ziqi Zhou Comparing the Size of Adipocytes in Different Bovine Fat Depots
38 Aryana Zullo
Dust Bath use in Slow-Growing and Fast-Growing Broilers