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Beatrice a.k.a "Bea"

Black dog with white on her paws, chest and chin standing on green grass.
Estimated Age: 2 years old
Weight: 25 lbs.
Originating Shelter: RCACP

My name is Beatrice! I’m on the lookout for my forever loving home! I’m not just any dog! I am a happy-go lucky, tail wagging bundle of joy!

Little About Myself:
I am happy when I get butt scratches and belly rubs. My favorite things to do are going for a long walk and playing with squeaky toys and tennis balls. My favorite treat is cheese, and I am really good with eye contact. I'm a very smart and patient girl, and I'm currently working on my basic skills and learning new tricks for my new loving home!

P.S. With my stellar eye contact skills, I'll make sure you know just how much I adore you.