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Academic advising is an integral part of our undergraduate program. It is an active, ongoing collaboration between advisor and student aimed at ensuring that students gain accurate and appropriate information and guidance to make responsible academic and career decisions to support their career goals.

The Undergraduate Education and Advising Office should be your first advising contact.

Undergraduate Education & Advising Office 

3400 Litton-Reaves Hall,  Blacksburg, Virginia 
Email:  |  Phone: 540-231-6936


Advisors in the SAS Office of Undergraduate Education

When to see your advisor

It’s important to stay in contact with your advisor. To ensure that you get the most out of this partnership, your advisor needs to know your successes and challenges, and how they can help. See your advisor when you need assistance with:

  • Exploring your interests and choosing a major
  • Reviewing major and minor checksheets
  • Choosing and registering for courses
  • Adding/changing a major or minor
  • Interpreting degree audit reports
  • Locating scholarship possibilities
  • Planning for a study abroad trip
  • Locating resources for additional help

How to Find your advisor

Go to HokieSpa---> HokieSpa tab ---> View your general student information.


Schedule an appointment

Use Navigate to schedule a meeting with your dedicated academic advisor.  Instructions for Navigate

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