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Dan Eversole

Associate Professor & Extension Beef Scientist, Beef Cattle Management and Animal Nutrition
Photo of Dr. Dan Eversole. The Inn at Virginia Tech,  2023.
School of Animal Sciences
3250 Litton Reaves Hall, Virginia Tech
175 West Campus Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Extension and outreach activities have focused primarily in 4-H/FFA youth programs and in cow/calf management. Areas of interest include nutrition, management, trace-mineral supplementation, performance bull testing, livestock evaluation and selection, and registered purebred cattle. Guidance and assistance are provided in coordinating the State FFA Livestock Judging Contests as well as in assisting with county, district, and state 4-H contests.

Areas of research have included applied studies in the growth and development of bulls, cow/calf management, and feedlot nutrition. His research is directly applicable to the beef cattle industry and has elucidated solutions to problems affecting the efficacy of beef cattle performance and management. Considerable work has focused on selenium, copper, and zinc supplemental levels in salt-mineral mixtures for weaned calves, gestating cows, and growing bulls. Studies have been conducted to examine the effects of trace-mineral supplementation on immune function in beef cattle.

AT 0164 – Introduction of Animal Science (Co-instructor) - 40 students

APSC 2114 - Livestock Management and Handling - 135 students

ALS 3204 – Animal Nutrition and Feeding - 150 students

APSC 3764/AT 0294 – Livestock Merchandising - 105 students

APSC /FST 3214 – Principles of Meat Science (Co-instructor) - 30 students

APSC 4414 – Beef and Sheep Production - 45 students

Academic Advisor in the Central Advising Office

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  • Ph.D., Ruminant Nutrition, 1978, Michigan State University
  • B.S. Animal Science 1973, Ohio State University



  • The Ohio State University Animal Sciences Hall of Fame (2020)
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Association UT Prosim Service  Award, Virginia Tech  (2019)
  • Seedstock Producer of the Year, Virginia Tech, American-International Charolais       Association (2017)
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Virginia    Tech, (2015)
  • Honorary American FFA Degree, Awarded by the National FFA Organization Board of Directors (2007)
  • Teaching Award of Merit, Gamma Sigma Delta, Virginia Tech (1997)
  • Certificate of Teaching Excellence, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech (1992)
  • Alpha Zeta Outstanding Faculty Service Award in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University (1982)

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