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Fernando Biase

Associate Professor, Genomics
Dr. Fernando Biase at the Holtzman Alumni Center. Windows in the background. Blacksburg, VA. Vertical orientation.
School of Animal Sciences (0306)
378 Litton-Reaves Hall
175 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Our mission is to understand the molecular mechanisms that drive fertility and the early stages of embryo development and implantation in mammals. To achieve our goals, we are strongly committed to combining experimental, and systems genomics approaches to understand the dynamics of gene regulatory and signaling networks that orchestrate successful events related to fertility or infertility. Our efforts focus on three primary thrusts: 1) Molecular profiling of heifer infertility; 2) The acquisition of developmental competence in oocytes and the molecular signals of embryo survival; 3) Molecular communication between conceptus and endometrium.

University of São Paulo, Department of Genetics, Brazil

Doctor of Sciences (Major in Genetics and Cell Biology) April 2007

Master of Sciences (Major in Genetics) February 2003

APSC 4054 Genomics

APSC 5554 Mammalian Genome Biology