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Kamryn Joyce

Ph.D. Student

I originally grew up in south Georgia but eventually moved to the Atlanta Metropolitan area. I attended the University of Georgia for my B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Dairy Science. I had a great opportunity to do undergraduate research with two projects: (1) studying the reproductive health of dairy cattle and the relationship with passive transfer in calves, and (2) studying the relationship between mammary health and uterine health of dairy cattle. I enjoyed the activities that went along with the research and these experiences further encouraged me to continue my education with studying reproductive physiology. I received my M.S. in Animal Sciences from the University of Florida where I was a student at the North Florida Research and Education Center, studying the reproductive physiology of beef cattle.

I am currently a PhD student in Dr. Michelle Rhoads' lab. My current research focuses on the reproductive physiology of dairy cattle. Specifically investigating how environmental stressors such as heat stress affect the intrafollicular environment, with a particular interest in the relationship with metabolic regulation.