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Nicole Valliere

Ph.D. Student

I was raised on a small cow-calf operation in Mocksville, North Carolina. I attended North Carolina State University for my B.S and M.S. degrees in Animal Science. During my undergraduate degree, I began working at the Small Ruminant Educational Unit on campus and quickly realized my passion for the sheep industry. My M.S. degree focused on evaluating selection and management systems to reduce parasite burden and improve Katahdin sheep performance and profitability. My research interest includes the interplay of genetics and nutrition as they relate to sheep management systems. Currently, I am investigating feed efficiency in Katahdin ewes and lambs and how it impacts sheep producers. My advisor, Dr. Scott Greiner, shares an interest in collaborating directly with sheep producers through Virginia Cooperative Extension and beyond to improve small ruminant management state and nationwide.


Dr. Scott Greiner